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Feuerheerd’s was founded in 1815 by the German trader Dietrich Matthias Feuerheerd who established his business in Oporto. In 1926 the company was sold to the Barros family and in 2007 to Quinta D. Matilde – Vinhos, Lda which is owned by some members of the Barros family. Feuerheerd’s became famous over the years for the quality of its wines, especially a few of its Vintage Port. 

Nowadays, the brand acquired by Barão de Vilar - Vinhos, SA, giving birth to a new partnership between the Van Zellers and the Barros family,  determined to revive the long tradition of quality of Feuerheerd’s wines. 

Feuerheerd's Fine Ruby Port
Feuerheerd's Fine Tawny Port
Feuerheerd's Fine White Port
Aged Ports
Feuerheerd's 10 Years OldAged Ports
Feuerheerd's Colheita PortColheitas
Feuerheerd's Vintage 2007 PortoVintages


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